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When and Where
  • 6/15/2023 3:07 PM CDT
  • 6/30/2027 12:00 AM CDT
  • Online
  • Online

This is an asynchronous course. Asynchronous learning allows participants to learn at their pace. Learning material is divided into modules that include online readings, audio and video recordings. 

The Promoting Multiple Literacies through Canva course, introduces you to the world of Canva, explores the basics of graphic design, and discusses the different types of literacies you can address with Canva. Traditional literacy, which refers to the ability to read and write, has always been an essential skill. However, being literate today extends beyond just reading and writing. Different types of literacies are:

  • Traditional literacy: The ability to read and write effectively
  • Information literacy: Conduct research using multiple sources as well as evaluate and cite sources
  • Digital literacy: The ability to effectively navigate and comprehend digital information
  • Media literacy: Analyzing and critically evaluating media messages
  • Visual literacy: Interpreting and creating visual content
  • Cultural literacy: Gaining awareness of global communities to understand customs, culture, and traditions
By promoting multiple literacies, schools are equipping students with the necessary skills to thrive in the modern world.