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When and Where
  • 10/16/2023 8:00 AM CDT
  • 10/16/2023 3:30 PM CDT
  • SBU McClelland Hall Stakeholders Room
  • Bolivar
  • MO
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2023 Bolivar @ Southwest Baptist University Onsite BTAP Course

October 16, 2023

Registration fee: $75.00 for MSTA members; $100.00 for nonmembers

Onsite Event Details:
The Onsite BTAP is a one-day event and the first component to meet the BTAP requirement for certification. Registration begins at 8:00; the program is from 8:30 - 3:30. Each participant is encouraged to bring a mobile device to access digital content.

MSTA's BTAP addresses the following Missouri Teacher Development System (MTDS) competencies:

  • Builds Relationships & Culture
  • Creates & Manages a Learning Environment
  • Develops Research-Based Instruction
  • Engages Students in Content
  • Understands the Professional Expectations of the Profession

The second component to completing the BTAP requirement for certification is taking part in ongoing learning. Participants can meet this component through any MSTA book studies, MSTA online courses (other than the Part 1 Online BTAP course), attending MSTA’s Virtual New Teachers Summit, or an MSTA Mini-Course Bundle.

From the following options, participants are required to register and complete two ongoing learning opportunities.  
  • Participate in an MSTA "Beyond the Book" Club book study (offered monthly excluding the months of December and May)
  • Participate in an MSTA Extended "Beyond the Book" Club book study (offered October-November; January-February; March-April) 
  • Participate in an MSTA online course (offered at any time; Part 1 Online BTAP Course does NOT count as ongoing learning)
  • Participate in the Virtual New Teachers Summit (offered once)
  • Mini-Course Bundle (offered any time; requires participating in four (4) mini-courses to count as one ongoing professional learning opportunity)
Part 1Part 2
BTAP Course Online/OnsiteComplete one of the following combinations
 Book Study + Online Course
 Book Study + Virtual New Teacher Summit
 Book Study + Mini-Course Bundle
 Online Course + Virtual New Teacher Summit
 Online Course + Mini-Course Bundle
 Mini-Course Bundle + Virtual New Teacher Summit
 2 Book Studies
 2 Online Courses
 2 Mini-Course Bundles
Please note:
  • Book study options can be participation in either extended or monthly book studies. 
  • Part 1 Online BTAP course does not count as an online course option. 
  • A Mini-Course Bundle consists of 4 mini-courses of choice.

To learn more about ongoing learning, go to msta.org/For-Missouri-Educators/Professional-Learning or call 800-392-0532.