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When and Where
  • 11/1/2021 12:00 AM CDT
  • 11/30/2021 12:00 AM CST
  • Online
  • Online

Happy Kids Don't Punch You In The Face: A Guide to Eliminating Aggressive Behavior in School author Ben Springer. Happy Kids gives much needed advice for educators in the trenches who are dealing with aggressive and disturbed students on a daily basis. This book has relevant examples, vignettes, cases, background information concerning behavior analysis and much more. The beauty of this book is that it explains the need, the goal, the desired outcome, and goes back to give the step by step to use these techniques in the classroom. Moreover, Ben Springer's use of humorous personal anecdotes and organization make this a breeze to read and understand. 

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own copy of this month's text, Happy Kids Don't Punch You In The Face prior to the beginning of the book study. Click to view the book Happy Kids Don't Punch You In The Face.

Course Basics:  The Learning Management System, Schoology, is used to house discussion board conversations and group materials. Book Club is facilitated by Nicole Nowlin, Sixth-grade teacher, Lee's Summit School District and MSTA member. 

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own copy of this month's text, What Great Teacher Do Differently - Second Edition, prior to the beginning of the book study. Click to view the book What Great Teachers Do Differently

Each Friday morning, discussion board questions are posted in the Schoology group. These discussion board questions provide an opportunity for participants to connect, share, and reflect on that week's reading. Participants are expected to allot time each week to visit the discussion board often to encourage and learn from each other. Additionally, participants must comment on the posts of two other participants.

Virtual live meetings occur two Thursday nights within the month at 7:00 pm (CST). These virtual meetings use either Google Meet or Zoom to discuss the learning and application of the reading to our classrooms and students. 

Attendance for BTAP participants ONLY: BTAP participants must fully participate in all discussion board sessions in Schoology (typically consists of 3 discussion board prompts, initial response and two comments on peer responses. In addition, BTAP participants are expected to fully participate in the virtual live Thursday meetings (posting in the chat box, participating in breakout sessions, and in the main room session). Recognizing there might be a time when a BTAP participant must miss a Thursday night live meeting an alternate reflection assignment will be assigned for the participant to complete. However, BTAP participants are allowed to miss only one (1) Thursday Virtual Live Meeting. Missing more than one virtual meeting (even with completing the alternate assignment) will result in non-completion of the course for BTAP purposes. BTAP Participants must notify Dr. Layton at dlayton@msta.org if missing a Thursday Virtual Live meeting.

​​​​​​PD Certification: At the end of the month, participation hours will be calculated and participants will be emailed a certificate of completion. PD certificates will be emailed to all participants.